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Just like how salts and minerals are needed by the human body, the same is with animals like cows, deer, horses, camels, Goats or sheep. While in a natural habitat, the animals go grazing for natural salt mineral licks. The mineral salt lick is a naturally occurring deposit of salts and minerals. The animals go and lick essential mineral nutrients from these deposits. But it is not possible when they are domesticated. Hence, it becomes necessary that farmers provide their cattle with Natural Trace mineral salt to make Animal Healthy & for enhancement of Milk Production of Diary Cows.

What Are the Benefits of Salt Mineral Licks for Animals?

Farmers have always known that their animals need salt, just like how we humans do. It plays an essential role in the balance of electrolytes in their body. There are many benefits of mineral salt block or the salt licking block for animals:

What is Animal Mineral Block ?

Mineral Blocks provide Minerals and Salt for
animals of all ages and breeds.

  • 1The Natural mineral block is used in the husbandry of livestock. The salt block for deer is an excellent way for herd management. The mineral blocks for deer are an incredible source of supplement feed that is cost-effective and helps you to keep tabs on the deer herd.
  • 2The animals supplement their diet with essential nutrients and Trace minerals. The salt blocks for cattle provide them with a wholesome nutrition with the combination of Salt, Vitamins & Trace Minerals.
  • 3During digestion, it counter-effects secondary compounds of arsenal that may be found in plants and grass that they eat.
What Are the Mineral Salt Types Available in Concord Overseas?

Concord Overseas, the best salt lick manufacturer, offers salt mineral in Three forms:

  • 1The salt mineral block form
  • 2Premix mineral supplement & Mineral Mixture in powder form
  • 3Vitamin Salt Blocks & Licks

It exports these products to worldwide. It manufactures the best salt lick blocks that give animals the nutrition they need for balance, vitality, and longer life.

Concord Overseas Provides for High-Quality Salt Licks

Considered as one of the best mineral block manufacturers, Concord Overseas offers products that are affordable, easy to be placed, and are chemical free. They contain natural electrolytes for balance, which encourages for a healthy diet for animals. With them, you are assured that your animal herd is healthy. With minerals becoming scarce in the natural environment, you can believe in Concord Overseas, the best salt lick manufacturer, to provide you with high-quality salt lick blocks that promote better growth of the cattle. They manufacture the best and safe mineral licks that will keep you positively assured that your farm animals are adequately nourished and well-looked after with essential nutrients.

With Concord Overseas mineral salt blocks, your farm animals are always healthier and happier.

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