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Salt is the quintessential element of this universe. Salt is not only essential for our body but also crucial for many industries. Salt is nothing but sodium chloride (NaCl) in chemical composition. Other than edible salt being used for domestic purposes, salt is used in the manufacturing processes of thousands of commodities. The water softener salt is used in water softening systems. Let us see some of the general uses of salt here-

  • 1Food grade table salt or the food grade iodized salt is used to enhance the food flavor & Taste
  • 2The pure salt or Triple Refined salt is used as a cooking salt. It is also used for health and beauty purposes.
  • 3The free flow iodized salt is used for the balance of electrolytes in our body.
  • 4Industrial salt is used in the manufacturing processes of plastics, paper pulp, textiles, and dye industry & many other large Industries
  • 5Food grade refined salt is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well.
  • 6Deicing salt or the deicing sea is used for de-icing snow.
  • 7Hard water is treated with the water softening salt.
  • 8Animal feeds are mixed with Refined salt to supplement the diet of the cattle.
  • 9The PVD salt (Pure Vacuum Dried) is used for flavor enhancement and preservation in food processing units with lowest Moisture and High Purity
Concord Overseas Manufactures the Best-Quality Refined Cooking Salt

At Concord Overseas, care is taken to see that the salt production matches stringent quality tests. We are the leading salt manufacturers and we offer the triple refined iodized salt that is a benchmark of our superior quality salts. We offer premium quality sea salt. This is then processed and optimized to get refined cooking salt that can be used for human consumption.

Concord Overseas Deals with Various Cooking Salt, Industrial Salt and Raw Salt

Concord Overseas deals with the import and export of these salts:

  • Free flow iodized salt
  • Refined salt (iodized salt)
  • Refined salt
  • Pool salt
  • Refined industrial salt
  • Raw salt
  • Sea salt
  • Oversize salt
  • Triple refined iodized salt
  • PVD iodized salt

Concord overseas covers a broader geographic footprint and delivers salt to various countries like the Middle East, Asian countries, Gulf, Canada, Europe, UK, Africa (East & West) and many more.

Concord Overseas Offers Premium Food Grade Refined Salt

Concord Overseas ensures that its customers get the best food grade iodised salt. The manufactured refined salt undergoes various stages of testing for quality and other parameters before it is packed. We have an excellent infrastructure at Concord Overseas with a state-of-the-art facility to ensure that the salt is packed and shipped in good condition. Our clients are delighted with our service in the delivery of top-grade iodized table salt. We keep the rates affordable and supply iodized salt or non iodized salt as per the client specification. We undertake bulk order supplies with products meeting the client standards. Concord Overseas remains committed to serving the best edible salt and the clients have always been more than happy with our services. We look forward to a long association with our esteemed clients.

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