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Concord Overseas – The Best Salt Tablet Manufacturer

Refined salt tablets or NaCl, are used for a variety of purposes besides consumption. Sodium chloride tablets have a longer shelf life because they take time to dissolve when compared to powdered salt. This is why they are used for industrial applications as well. In addition to these products, we also manufacture a wide range of top-quality water softening salt tablets that are used by hotels, hospitals, and for industrial usage.

What is a salt tablet used for?

Our high-quality NaCl tablets are free of impurities or artificial additives and contain a low amount of water-insoluble.

  • 1Common Uses of Salt Tablets
  • 2They are widely used in pharmaceutical industries.
  • 3Industrial salt tablets are utilized in manufacturing processes of paper pulp, textile, chemical dyeing, and more.
  • 4High purity NaCl tablets are used by schools, hospitals, and hotels.
  • 5Large water tank storage facilities use Eco pure products to reduce high TDS and convert hard water into soft.
  • 6Food processing industries use refined salt tablets to ensure that the water is fit for the processing purpose.
We Offer a Variety of NaCl Tablets?

At Concord Overseas, we manufacture and supply all types of salt tablets, including the following main products:

  • 1Pure salt tablets
  • 2Refined salt tablets
  • 3High purity NaCl tablets
  • 4Water softening salt tablets
Why Choose Concord Overseas?

Concord Overseas is a diversified and leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality sodium chloride tablets. You will have the following advantages when dealing with us:

  • Global supply of industrial grade and edible high purity tablets at a fair price with ISO International Certification
  • Best packaging of products that meet international standards
  • ISO certification to ensure that we adhere to the required rules and regulations in our facility
  • Hi-tech automatic setup of salt tablet production with a minimum capacity of 1500 metric tons monthly production to meet customer requirements
  • Top-quality processors to ensure that the production of products is of the desired quality
  • Production of salt tablets with the required specifications
  • Customer satisfaction with value-added services
  • Prompt communication and timely settlement of accounts
  • Triple refined iodized saltTransparency in all transactions and sales follow-up to ensure our clients get the desired products
Domestic Trading, Import & Export of Salt Tablets

Innovation and quality are the driving principles behind the success of Concord Overseas. We have been serving clients all over the world since 2007. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts to manage all the production activities. We use high-tech production practices to manufacture pure salt tablets to ensure freshness and longevity of the products. In addition to this, we have garnered a reputation for being a dynamic and reliable partner with our clients. We also have the resources to supply products according to the specific requirements of our clients. We offer professional services spanning across a variety of industries. We are a reputable global venture with moral responsibility forming an essential part of our responsibilities. We specialize in export to various countries, including the Middle East, Far East, Gulf, Europe, Canada, UK, Africa, and Asian regions.

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